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The Five Behaviors与Belbin有什么不一样


贝尔宾团队角色和The Five Behaviors®打造有凝聚力团队五项行为都是用于理解和改善团队动力的框架,但它们侧重于团队合作的不同方面。

Belbin 团队角色由 Meredith Belbin 开发,根据团队环境中的优势、劣势和自然倾向,将团队成员分为九种不同的角色。这些角色包括协调者、鞭策者、智多星、审议员、凝聚者、外交家、执行者、完成者、专业师。贝尔宾团队角色框架帮助团队了解个人的优势和偏好,以及他们如何有效地合作。


另一方面,帕特里克·伦西奥尼 (Patrick Lencioni) 开发的The Five Behaviors®打造有凝聚力团队五项行为模型侧重于对有效团队绩效至关重要的行为。


这些行为是信任、冲突、承诺、责任和结果。The Five Behaviors®打造有凝聚力团队五项行为模型强调在团队内部建立信任、参与健康的冲突以达成更好的决策、致力于团队目标、相互问责以及专注于实现结果。

总之,贝尔宾团队角色侧重于团队内的个人角色和优势,而The Five Behaviors®打造有凝聚力团队五项行为模型则侧重于团队作为一个整体有效执行所需的行为。这两个框架都是理解和改善团队动态的宝贵工具。


Belbin team roles and the five behaviors are both frameworks used to understand and improve team dynamics, but they focus on different aspects of teamwork.

Belbin team roles, developed by Meredith Belbin, categorize team members into nine different roles based on their strengths, weaknesses, and natural tendencies in a team setting. These roles include Coordinator, Shaper, Plant, Monitor Evaluator, Team Worker, Resource Investigator, Implementer, Completer Finisher, and Specialist. The Belbin team roles framework helps teams understand individual strengths and preferences, and how they can work together effectively.

On the other hand, the five behaviors model, developed by Patrick Lencioni, focuses on the behaviors that are essential for effective team performance. These behaviors are Trust, Conflict, Commitment, Accountability, and Results. The five behaviors model emphasizes building trust within the team, engaging in healthy conflict to reach better decisions, committing to team goals, holding each other accountable, and focusing on achieving results.

In summary, Belbin team roles focus on individual roles and strengths within a team, while the five behaviors model focuses on the behaviors needed for a team to perform effectively as a whole. Both frameworks can be valuable tools for understanding and improving team dynamics.


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